Playboy, "Drawn Together"


Model Langley Fox
Photographs Kava Gorna


Like the Playboy name, the Hemingway name has a long history behind it, and just as Playboy recently revamped its overall look and approach, so has Langley Fox. Formerly, Langley Fox Hemingway, Langley shed the Hemingway name and has begun making her own name for herself. Her personal rebrand has if anything excelled her career and brought to light her talents. At 27, Fox is in high demand by artpop and cultural outlets globally. Her artistic talent has continued to be commissioned by magazines and other artist alike.

It was these talents that brought her and Playboy together for this illustrated pictorial, "Drawn Together". Jointly with photographer Kava Gorna, the two ran loose in nature taking pictures and drawing inspiration for the illustrations that overlay the images. 

"We went out with a loose plan on a hot summer day among flowers, trees, lakes, blue skies and lots of laughs. It was almost obvious that nature would become the thread," Langley tells Playboy. You can almost feel the heat and the serenity through the images lensed by Gorna. Langley's illustrations thoughtfully add a whimsical and innocent feel to the nude portraits of her. Bespoke is happy to have had the opportunity to retouch these images.

Dominick & Linn