The Fragrance of Norman Norell


Norell Elixir, the fragrance who draws its name sake from legendary designer, Norman Norell, has returned with an elusive new scent. Akin to his infamous sequined dresses Norell Elixir is bold and allures you by your senses. An enticing blend of cool spices, white flowers, and dark woods, this Eau de Parfum commands a presence and demands due attention. 

Norell has taken the fragrance a step further with a brilliantly directed campaign. Lensed by Michael Avedon, the american photographer renowned for his experimental capture of portraits, the woman and the beautifully designed bottle become one sophisticated masterpiece. One can only dream of what sent the bottle will emit. 

Bespoke Digital is delighted to have worked with Lloyd & Co to retouch these beautiful campaign images. 

Dominick & Linn 

Norell Elixir

Credits: Lloyd & Company