Calvin Klein by Thomas Giddings

Photographs Thomas Giddings
Fashion Emilie Kareh
Models Julia Jamin and Ben Jordan

Thomas Giddings’ found his passion and apt for photography using a disposable camera he was given on a family trip to Los Angeles when he was 6. From there photography manifested into a collection of work that is distinguished and sought after by a list of culture and fashion publications. 

Giddings continues to work with Calvin Klein bringing us a SS 16 campaign that is easy on our senses. Working with Creative Director Ben Keren and Art Director Ian Basilion, the images evoke a calming array of emotions. Soft shadows and pastels highlight the clothing and models. Unique to Giddings style, each photograph acts as a portrait that somehow simultaneously draws equal grace to the garment as it does model wearing it.

Dominick & Linn