The Art of Collaboration, Bottega Veneta

Art and Fashion are two worlds that are almost always synonymous with each other. The latest campaign by the Italian leather goods brand, Bottega Veneta, has masterfully blended the two worlds to bring to your pallet, "The Art of Collaboration".

Nearly 15 years in the making, "The Art of Collaboration" is the realization of Bottega Veneta's Creative Director, Tomas Maier's, vision he introduced in June of 2001 when he assumed his position. Maier's goal was to take his passion for photography and create advertising campaigns that would broaden the impressions of what Bottega Veneta means as a brand. 

The latest installment of this collective body of work puts Vivane Sassen behind the lens for the Fall / Winter 2016 collection. Shot in Sicily, Italy this season blends Bottega Veneta with the Italian artist Alberto Burri's "The Great Cretto". A grandiose piece, the Cretto is a landscape artwork that pays homage to the ruined Sicilian village of Gibellina that was destroyed in 1968 by the Belice Earthquake. 

A testament to the time taken and value of each Bottega Veneta piece, the Cretto took nearly 31 years to complete. The artwork is made of a cracked white bed of concrete spanning over 86,122 square feet. 

The juxtaposition of the rigid Cretto and delicate nature of each piece of clothing brings to the forefront the sophisticated nature of Bottega Veneta. Sassen's flawless ability to blend the two in photographs speaks to Maier's vision of bringing art and fashion together for a breathtaking collaboration. 

Bespoke Digital is delighted to have been apart of the production process, retouching the images of the campaign. 

Dominick & Linn


Photographs Viviane Sassen
Creative Director Tomas Maier
Models Simon Fitskie and Rianne Van Rompaey