The Misty Copeland Collection for Under Armour

We had a great time retouching the Misty Copeland Signature Collection for Under Armour, released in May of 2018. The collection was created four years into Copeland’s partnership with the footwear and apparel giant and is a significant achievement in fashionable and functional athletic wear. The principal ballerina co-designed the collection with Under Armour, and Copeland shared her vision for the line: 

“I wanted a line where we could feel fierce in the gym, and at the same time, feel confident wearing the same look out to dinner, running errands or living our everyday lives.”

Copeland’s vision was expertly communicated with the campaign imagery for her collection, retouched by Bespoke Digital. The images capture the movement , color, and appeal of athletic apparel fit for a ballerina. 

You can check out the Misty Copeland Signature Collection here.

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