FedEx, “What’s Inside?”

We had the exciting opportunity to work on FedEx’s recent global integrated campaign, which focused on the intangible aspect of their services—the possibility inside the packages they deliver. The images for the print campaign, shot by Martien Mulder and retouched by Bespoke, capture the wonder, opportunity, and anticipation of receiving a package and finding out what’s inside. 

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Glossier’s Generation G Lipstick

When Glossier was ready to release their new Generation G lipsticks, the popular beauty brand turned to highly sought-after photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch. Hadlee Pearch, known for his playful, often surreal, sense of style in his imagery, was the perfect match for Glossier’s young and devoted following. 

At Bespoke, we loved retouching the Generation G campaign just as much as we love Glossier’s revamped line of lipsticks! The playful images capture the diverse beauty of the models and allow their individual personalities to shine through. 

You can check out Glossier’s Generation G lipsticks here.

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The Misty Copeland Collection for Under Armour

We had a great time retouching the Misty Copeland Signature Collection for Under Armour, released in May of 2018. The collection was created four years into Copeland’s partnership with the footwear and apparel giant and is a significant achievement in fashionable and functional athletic wear. The principal ballerina co-designed the collection with Under Armour, and Copeland shared her vision for the line: 

“I wanted a line where we could feel fierce in the gym, and at the same time, feel confident wearing the same look out to dinner, running errands or living our everyday lives.”

Copeland’s vision was expertly communicated with the campaign imagery for her collection, retouched by Bespoke Digital. The images capture the movement , color, and appeal of athletic apparel fit for a ballerina. 

You can check out the Misty Copeland Signature Collection here.

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ADIDAS Originals by Pharrell Williams Campaigns

Looking back at some of the highlights from our Adidas X Pharrell Williams campaigns from the past 2 years, we love the message of unity and togetherness from cultures and sports worldwide that the images convey!

Keep the positivity coming guys! 


A Whole Lot of LOFT

3 years of Loft images is hard to edit down but alas, a look at the softer side of Bespoke retouching...and a testament to the client vendor relationship we've maintained over the years with Loft. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 7.09.19 pm.png

Your New Film Team

If you are not already familiar with our sister company Mood Studio, let us introduce you. 

The team at Mood specializes in making short films for brands as well as other film content and post production needs.

Check out their website here Mood Studio


On Set Retouching - Book A Retoucher On Set

Need to get a jumpstart on your retouching? Maximize your timeline and get your project's post started out in the right direction by hiring one of our retouchers to work on set.

Email for rates


Digital Capture Services

Bespoke offers digital capture services worldwide in studio and on location with experienced digital techs. No location too remote...

not even on an offshore sandbar...



Scanning Prints and Negatives

Yes, we scan film here at Bespoke and we love retouching film images! 

We have an Epson V850 scanner in house which does have wet mounting capabilities. We find this scanner works best with medium format size negatives but it can scan everything from 35mm to 8x10 negs. The quality is on par with the higher end Imacon scanners.

We haven't invested in Imacon because the hardware is too old...its hard to find a machine with a scsi port these days and there is little to no support. Also, we are able to produce a comparable scan with the professional Epson line with a lot less time and headache of dealing with old software and hardware glitches.


Certified Proofing w/Bespoke Digital

Do you proof? 

If not your should! All the hard work you put into achieving the perfect color digitally, could be lost on press otherwise...

For all images going to print on press, printing yourself certified proofs will give you a good idea of how the color of your image will translate when printed on a large CMYK printing press.

Bespoke proofs certified Gracol, Fogra, ISO and Swop profiles via the GMG proofing rip. This process simulates on-press color and print quality, helping you produce the most accurate color prior to going to print.

Bespoke also uses GMG Color Server to convert your RGB images to CMYK using a more robust algorithm rather than the generic Adobe color engine. This produces a sharper image on press as well as more accurate color and better overall ink usage and distribution.

Bespoke regularly proofs for Calvin Klein with photographers Jamie Hawkesworth, Tyron Lebon and Willy Vanderperre. Below are few iconic campaigns we've proofed over the past years...

If you have any questions about proofing and profiles, please feel free to reach out to us!


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Our 2015 Hardcover Portfolio Book

A little something from the archives...this is the more commercial version of this book...but we do sexy editorial work sometimes too....



Enrique Badulescu X Bespoke & 12 + Years of Color

One thing we think everyone can agree on is that Enrique Badulescu might just be the king of color....and the effortlessly sexy beach images that line the pages of the Elles, Harpers and Vogues every Spring and Summer season. His images never disappoint, theres always something interesting there to catch your eye. Enrique always seems to deconsctuct the rules of traditional photographic color and then put them back together to create somewhat of a fantasy world full of vibrant hues that push printers to their limits!

Below we take a look back at just a sample of our 12+ years of retouching and some of our most intense color grading with Enrique Badulescu. We love Enrique's work and we always look forward to creating that next bold and beautiful project with him. 

Click on the right image to advance the slideshow

You can find more of our work with Enrique on his website


A Look Back At Our Google Campaign w/Photographers Ben Pogue and Martien Mulder

200+ print advertising images retouched in 2 months. We've tackled a lot of big projects over the years at Bespoke but this one takes the trophy. Weeks of non stop proofing, markups and countless late nights retouching. In the end,  the project ended a great success and the team all happy to see the final advertisements all over town...


Ben Pogue


Uniqlo Lifewear Book X MP Creative X Bespoke

3 years of Uniqlo Lifewear Book with MP Creative... We love the editorial content and style of the Uniqlo Lifewear book. Always great casting and storytelling behind each product. Glad we could be a part of it over the years. (and thanks to MP Creative for perfect slides)

retouching by Bespoke Digital


Exhibition Fine Art Printing w/Bespoke

That time we printed over 70 exhibition prints on archival fine art paper for Enrique Badulescu's show at the Milk Gallery.

Let's Print!




We don't typically show very much kids work in our portfolios but just so you know, we've done enough by now to probably be considered experts...


UT Project

Flashback to a cool project we worked on with MP Creative and Uniqlo for their artist collaborative t-shirt campaign called UT. 

This particular campaign was shot by and stars Terry Richardson as well as numerous other familiar industry faces...


Portfolio Talk

At Bespoke, we have a highly experienced team of individuals who are experts in their roles. They've retouched iconic campaigns with the industries top photographers. Part of what makes our strength is our team’s ability to retouch images in whatever style suits your needs and your taste. That said, our portfolio doesn't always reflect our own tastes. Often times we are directed to retouch heavier than we prefer. So, its always good to keep this in mind.

As the end of summer grows near and August vacations are just about in full swing, now is the perfect time to test with a new vendor. We'd love to show you what we can do.


A New Editing Suite

We’re considering new ways to accommodate retouchers and clients here at Bespoke. Check out this editing suite inspiration. Our suite could be complete with comfy couches, cushions, and computers for retouching.

The space could provide privacy for meetings with clients and could be equipped with magnetic walls to hang prints. Built-in shelves would be perfect for storage, and build-in tables would be ideal for serving drinks and snacks. 

What are your thoughts on this novel space? Shoot us an email to let us know!