Elizabeth Arden


BESPOKE Digital x Redhouse


Proposed Photographer: Cason Latimer

Originally from Austin, Texas, Cason Latimer studied graphic design in college in Boston. Upon moving to New York in 2011, he expanded on his interest in photography by working in the photo industry first as a retoucher then a digital tech and assistant to Ben Pogue.

Intimately familiar with the photographic process he developed a style drawn from his background in design with a focus on composition and attention to detail, and a new love of natural light.

Current clients now include brands such as Daily Harvest, Neiman Marcus, and Glenmorangie.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 4.54.54 PM.png

Proposed PRop Stylist: Beatrice Chastka


Production & Post Production: Bespoke Digital


Redhouse / Elizabeth Arden Product Shoot: Estimate